We are Moore Tennis Academy

In 2021, Christopher Moore brought Moore Tennis Academy to South Florida where the best players in the world compete. Moore Tennis Academy offers VIP training, along with individual and group lessons.

Coach Christopher and his students standing in a group together.
We take pride in our students.

We create Champions.

Our players are mature, well-rounded young adults.
They are high-performance players, comfortable dealing with the ups and downs. 

They know how to confidently tackle problems on court and in life. We take our players to the next level by providing exclusive, individualized programs and address every aspect of your game. 

We believe in Strength & Mental Conditioning

We take pride in our students.

What sets us apart.

We analyze your performance and communicate directly with you so you understand your game critically and mentality.

We adjust techniques to get results with the least amount of strain to your game. Your coach will lead you to excel and help give you the confidence to perform at the highest level.

Our students are motivated to be the best person they can be, to push thru diversity, to achieve excellent body coordination, to take pride in their game.

Tennis on and off the court.

Our Values drive everything we do.

Moore Tennis Academy focuses on the ideals of sportsmanship, technique and the ability to win at the highest levels of the game. The goal of our coaches is to get our players to where they want to be. If they want to play college or pro we will be with them every step of the way.

Moore Tennis is just as it sounds... Our Staff is here to get you or your child on court as much as possible.

Individualized Programs

We take our players to the next level by providing exclusive, individualized programs and address every aspect of your game.


Expect stellar guidance as your Coach pushes you to excel. They've dissected the game and know what it takes to win. Show up, put in the work, and you'll succeed on the court-and in every aspect of your life.


We foster a supportive community of overwhelming positivity and strength for our players. You're never just a number here. We take pride in your success.


Consistent performance beats talent. Take pride in yourself, trust in your ability, and you'll perform at your highest level.


Confidence and a calm mind make you more competitive. Strength & mental conditioning help you strive for perfection each time you’re on court.

Meet the Coaches

Chris Moore

Lake Worth & Boca Raton, Florida

Christopher Moore is the owner and founder of Moore Tennis Academy. He has been running the academy for the last 4 years. Over that time period he has worked with countless D1 college players to players on the professional circuit. The thing that has made Moore Tennis Academy and players so successful is our approach, focusing heavily on technique but in a practical setting of game play. We have one mission here at Moore Tennis to Be successful on and off the court . We will do whatever it takes, and dedicate our experience on and off the court to help make that mission a reality.


Scottsdale, Arizona

Bojan has been coaching on and off basis since 2009. He has been full time since mid '13. "When you are coaching someone, in order to do a great job you really need to get into their mindset and see the game from their perspective and understand situation as they do." This way an individual can pursue and fulfill as much of their athleticism and sport potential as possible, which leads towards immense game transformation.

Mark Feinsod

Lake Worth, FL

Mark has worked with many high school, college, and professional players in his career. This includes playing tennis at York College where Mark won 52 matches in his 4 year career and was Captain of the Cardinals his Junior and Senior Year. He is an experienced tennis pro and founder of the Serving Autism Tennis Academy. Mark brings a wealth of experience and excitement to the Moore Tennis Academy and provides an expert teaching level. Along with receiving his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Mark received his Master’s degree from The UNLV’s Masters of Sports Education Leadership Program. While at UNLV, he was very involved in his own tennis academy, and promoting tennis at all levels. Mark is a Fitness coach as well and will develop a specialized fitness program for you to make your game better. He has put together some great Fitness programs for children with disabilities. You will be excited as your tennis skills improve under his watch!

Manu Rios

Manu grew in Colombia and has been coaching in south Florida for the last two years. She has experience in the academy environment. She has played elite junior tournaments throughout her childhood. Her passion is working with junior kids. "I love working with beginners and excel in after school and children tennis programs".

Hear what our amazing students say about us!

"I have the best classes. Coach switched my grip, which I didn't really like at first, but I play so much better with the new grip! Thanks MTA!"



"I started playing tennis a few months ago, and since being with Chris my tennis skill has increased a lot. I couldn't have done it without him. I am looking forward to becoming a better player and winning my first match!"



"Before I came here I didn't have a backhand at all, and now I'm just whipping it over. It's fantastic!"



"I am happy taking classes with Chris, they're really fun and I improved a lot on my backhand and forehand. Now I play more confidently."



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